Financial Advice




We provide financial advice on pensions, insurance, investments and other financial matters with direct links to independent financial advisors.

We are regulated by the ICAEW as a designated professional body (DPB)

The taxation concessions and financial benefits of pension contributions can be enjoyed by sole traders, partnerships, companies and their employees. In all instances, pension contributions are tax deductible against personal income tax or company corporation tax.

Health Insurance and Life Insurance
These types of insurance are often overlooked even though most of us have little or no protection should we fall ill.

Health care income plans and income protection plans can do much to alleviate such worries.

Financial security for the family in the event of unforeseen death is another area where most people are under-insured. We can advise on the policies most suited to your requirements.

Savings and Investment Plans
You may wish to provide a capital sum at a future date-perhaps a daughter’s wedding. Alternatively, you may wish to invest for capital growth or to supplement your income and we can advise on suitable investments.


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